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Pathological self-portrait , 1972 Pathological self-portrait , 1972

João Câmara is an artist from the Brazilian state of Paraíba. He lives and works in the city of Olinda, in Pernambuco.

The artist thinks of himself principally as a painter, but has also extensive work in lithography. Moreover, he has works in drawing and digital media.

According to the art critic Weydson de Barros Leal, “João Câmara is the author of one of the greatest works in progress in Brazilian art. He is one of the artists that researches more themes and sources in contemporary art.  This goes beyond the line and shape, conquered in permanent exercise and achieving unsuspected areas for most painters. His cultivation and harvesting fields are mostly his readings and his high culture”.

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João Câmara has work in painting, engraving, drawing and digital platform.

The artist produces individual paintings and also theme series. He works with oil and acrylics on canvas or wood, sometimes mixing techniques. In his art prints, the artist works in the traditional lithography method: stones and manual press.

Câmara sees his drawings as exercise and sketch for works in other media. He uses computer graphics for planning and, also, for some series of digital ilustration.

His private collection, the documentation of his works and his current projects may be visited in his technical storage in the nearby city of Recife.